Welcome to CIBox project!

Thanks for checking out CIBox! If you have a feature request, but not familiar with CIBox internals - create your Pull Request against next_major branch. This branch is used for incorporating the ideas been tested by CIBox core team for inclusion into stable release.

If you've found a bug - search through GitHub issues or Troubleshooting section in CIBox documentation. for Known Issues. If you issue is unique - please, create new issue. This step gets core team into the process and should help you with fixing an issue shortly.

Contributing to CIBox

CIBox is a project, hardly based on ansible and shell scripting from contributors point with nice UI, based on Jenkins from users point of views. For ability to add changes to CIBox code you need to clone repo

git clone git@github.com:cibox/cibox.git
cd cibox

And there you'll be able to make changes and use the code. When you are going to test it - please, use CIBox QUICKSTART guide. It's an official and latest documentation that aims to help you to get working infrastructure with all CIBox features enabled by default.

When you are going to create Pull Request it would be nice to have Steps For Review within your PR's summary for helping others to understand how to test your feature or bug fix.